Why FOX NT Real Estate?

The most important thing for us is to understand your expectations, hear it and implement it as accurately as possible. When creating a home, we have a vision, and FOX NT Real Estate was established as planned to help you achieve your real estate goals in Lithuania.

Fox NT is based on flexibility and listening. The team delves into your need and mediates in buying, renting or selling the home, maintaining a dialogue of the intensity you want. Technology not only allows you to communicate in a variety of ways, but also to choose a new or maybe second home, or an investment, anywhere in the world.


For a house to be solid, it needs a structure – walls that mean knowledge to the FOX NT team. Simona, the founder of the business, who has lived abroad for several years, studied Real Estate Management at the University of Greenwich in London. The team partners – lawyers, property appraisers, interior designers – strengthen the project structure with their experience. Their knowledge opens up unnoticed corridors, secret passages that are only visible to the experienced. We will invite you here as well. We open windows for you about non-public objects to get the most up-to-date information in a timely manner.

Together with the FOX NT team and partners, you can climb the stairs by buying, selling and renting real estate. And you can choose an elevator – we will do everything for you – we will analyze, visit and evaluate.

The roof is what we dream about as soon as we start building a house. FOX NT’s dream is to become a provider of services that are known throughout Lithuania and abroad. We strive for value from recommendations. Let’s start from the foundation – the dialogue, let’s end with a recommendation.